SK Chemicals GmbH is the European subsidiary of SK Chemicals Co. Ltd. of Korea.

Since the establishment of Sunkyung Textiles in 1969, SK Chemicals has grown through continuous change and innovation into a chemical and life science enterprise representing South Korea.

SK Chemicals business structure is divided into the sectors of Green Chemicals and Life Science. Providing distinguished chemical and life sciences products and solutions based on the world’s highest technology standards, SK Chemicals is recognised as a leading global company of environmentally-friendly materials and total healthcare solutions.

Our Green Chemicals business is steadily progressing as a leading global company in the environmentally-friendly materials business by using the world’s best technology, knowledge, and production facilities. To achieve this goal, SK Chemicals has selected four new core areas of business: bio-materials, composites, high-performance materials, and energy saving materials while continuing a commitment to R&D activities.

Our Life Science business is dominated by pharmaceuticals and bio-science and is anchored by the comprehensive healthcare solutions that cover patient care from diagnosis to treatment and prevention. The creation of new medicines is our global position. Learn more about SK Chemicals by clicking the button below.

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